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“ I put Wingredient Wing mix head-to-head against my favorite Buffalo Wild Wings sauce .... no contest -- Wingredient gave BWW a total beatdown!”

Ryan B, Bozeman, MT

“Best sauce in the world !!!!! Thanks guys.”

Patrick C, Portland, OR


“Love love love love the wing sauce !!! You guys are the best !!!”

Jeff K, Healdsburg, CA


“Wing Fest.  Montana Wingredients is the best....”

Ross C, Reno, NV


“That sauce you sent me is amazing!”

Chuck R, Messa AZ


“Wingredient and "wings". If you don't know Wingredient, it is a piece of the mystery that is the meaning of life. It is what Tupac and Biggie we're fighting over.”

Rob S, San Diego CA


“In the end our favorite for this years was Wingredient.  Perfect blend of spicy, sweet and flavorful”

Yelp UYE Biggest Little City Wingfest 2014


“Judge's Choice Winner - Best Wing”

Biggest Little City Wingfest 2015


“Most award winning wing”

Biggest Little City Wingfest 2016


“The sauce is Damn Good”

Erika T, Palm Beach FL.


“Just bought a bunch of your wings.  They were GREAT!”

Brandi D, Biggest Little City Wingfest 2016


“Had the extra-Hot and the Honey Mango.  The booth rocked!  Coming back tomorrow for more”

Charles P, Biggest Little City Wingfest 2016

“Best wings in the west”

Daniel W.


“I loved y'alls buffalo BBQ, My wife loved the mild!”

Richard H, Biggest Little City Wingfest 2016


“So Pumped!  Favorite wings of all time.  Hands down the best sauce I have ever had.”

Biggest Little City Wingfest 2016


“The best chicken wings I have ever had”

Jeff K, Sarcomata CA


“LOVE this sauce! It's the perfect blend of spicy and sweet!! Delicious on anything but I especially love it for my buffalo chicken dip.”

Amazon Review


“Out of this world good! The flavor is hard to describe- the perfect blend of sweet, hot, and complicated. I've never tasted anything like it.”

Amazon Review


“We use this mix to make the best crock pot buffalo chicken sandwiches. It is an easy dinner to make and this mix is a favorite amongst my family and friends. It is now the only mix I will use for our wings or buffalo chicken sandwiches.”

Amazon Review


“So can't wait for your amazing wings. I only get them once a year but they are totally worth the wait.”

Facebook Review


“I loved your sauces.  Pretty Tasty!”

Facebook Review

“Best Dry Rub"

Biggest Little City Wingfest 2018

“Best Hot Wing”

Biggest Little City Wingfest 2019

“Best Chicken”

KCBS BBQ Competition 2018 Best Chicken Sauce*

“Best Wing Casper, WY”

Base Sauce for Firehouse Pizza Best Wing Award Casper Wing Ding 2019

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