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How we started


in 1998 Wingredient founder Bryan D.  found himself in a new town with no quality hot wings.  Having grown up in an area with the Original Wing recipe from New York, he decided to experiment with wing recipes.  Over years of trial and error, he came up with the recipe that makes Wingredient what it is today.  He still continues to experiment with a variety of recipes and flavors.

After many years of hot wing parties and mailing sauce all over the country to friends and family, Bryan decided to enter the sauce in a few Wing Competitions. Since the sauce proved to be an award winner, he has now begun to sell to Restaurants, and also make it available for individual online purchases.


Current Awards and Titles:
Undisputed Montana Wing Ding Champion.

Yelp UYE Best Hot Wing - Biggest Little City WingFest  2014

Judge's choice Best Wing - Biggest Little City Wingfest  2015

Most Award Winning Wing - Biggest Little City Wingfest 2016

Celebrity Choice - Biggest Little City Wingfest 2017

Best Dry Rub Award - Biggest Little City Wingfest 2018

Best Hot Wing - Biggest Little City Wingfest 2019

KCBS - Sauce* used in First Place Best Chicken 2019

Casper Wing Ding 1st Place Wings Base Sauce* 2019

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