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Wing Sauce Off Day 2 Round 1

More and more sauces. Just like Day 1 we have narrowed 4 exotics down to 2 and 16 buffalo sauces down to 4. All sauces were braceted in groups of four with the two brand in bold moving on.


1 BWW Garlic Parmesean

2 Bonfattos Apple Pepper Jack TIE

3 BWW Asian Zing TIE

4 Bonfattos Tounge Thaid

Buffalo Wing Sauces

1 BWW Spicy Garlic

2 Wing Time Wing Sauce

3 Sweet Baby Rays Wing Sauce

4 Bonfattos Buffalo Wings Sauce

1 Sparkys Wing Sauce

2 Gator's Buffalo Garlic Sauce

3 Buffalo Gills Hot Garlic Sauce

4 The Flaming Chicken Orignal Wing Sauce

1 Dirty Steve's Carolina Gold

2 Moores Buffal0 Bleu Cheese

3 Hooters Medium

4 The Flamin Chicken Mango Hot

1 BWW Medium

2 Buffalo Gills Sweet and Tangy

3 The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic

4 Joloka Wing Sauce

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