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Wing Sauce Off Day 3 Round 2

We had ten sauce instead of 8 that made it to round two today. Here are the results from the tasters and the sauces that will make it to round 3.

Rippin Red

Cookies Wing-N-Things

Otts Wing Sauce

Brooks Mild

Wing Time Garlic with Parmesean

Shabazz (Moved to exotics category as mustard based sauce)

Yuenglings Medium

Bulliards Wing Sauce

Louisiana Wing Sauce

Duff's Wing Sauce

The five sauce in Bold will Mov on to round 3.

Here are sauces so far in round 3

Otts Wing Sauce

Yuenglings Medium

Brooks Mild

Wing time garlic w/Parmesean

BWW Medium


BWW Spicy Garlice

Ditry Steve's Carolina Gold(May be moving to exotics)

Defcon Medium

Franks Wing Sauce

Abiibals Bleu Bayou

Dirty Steve's Original

Buillards Wing Sauce

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