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Day 4 Round 3

Wow. We finally have enough sauces to start round 3. We still have more coming in the mail. Did I mention this was getting expensive. We had four sauces that came in today. We narrowed those down to two and those two received a round 2 bye. Sauces in Bold are the ones that make it to round 4. This was not easy. Round 1 and 2 had very few ties and discussion. Round 3 was a different story. Lots of discussion and multiple testing with 10 dfferent people to get this figured out. On antoher note. Dirty Steve's Carolina Gold was moved to the exotics category.

The Round 1 Sauces

Burning Asphalt Buffalo Sauce

Shane's BBQ Wing Sauce

Steak N Shake Wing Sauce

Brunign Asphalt Garlic Butter

Round 3

Steak N Shake

Builladrs Wing Sauce

Defcon Medium

Drity Steve's Orignal

Brooks Mild

Wing Time Garlic and Parmesean

Otts Wing Sauce

Burning Asphalt Garlic and Butter


Frank Wing Sauce

BWW Spicy Garlic

Yuelings Wing Sauce

BWW Medium

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