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Small Batch Measurements

Message us for a printable version!

Small Batch Measurements

For 32oz Squeeze Bottles


We have had a lot of request for small batch measurements. Instead if making a full bag you could use the following recipe measurements for an amount that will fit in a 32oz Squees Bottle. Email me if you would like a printable copy of these.

  • Directions for 32oz Bottles


    For First List

    1 ¼ Cup Franks Red Hot

    1 Cup Oil of choice (Butter. Margarine, XLite Olive Oil.)


    Original Sweet Heat

    ¾ Cups Mix


    Buffalo Parmesan

    ¾ Cup Mix


    Honey Mango Habanero

    ½ Cup Mix

    ½ Cup Honey


    Chipotle Mesquite

    1 Cup 2 Teaspoons Mix


    Buffalo Ranch

    ½ Cup 2 TBL Mix


    Asian Buffalo

    1 Cup 2 Teaspoons Mix


    Jamaican Buffalo

    ¾ Cup Mix


    Lemon Pepper

    ¾ Cup Mix



    2 Cups Franks

    1 ½ Cups (Butter. Margarine, XLite Olive Oil.)

    1/3 Cup Mix

    1 Tsp Red Wine Vinegar


    Parmesan Garlic

    ½ Cup Mix

    2 Cups Ranch

    1 ½ Cup Mayo


    Sweet Chili Lime

    2 Cups Mix

    ¾ Cup 1 Tbl Red Hot

    1 Cup Water

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