Make it your own way, never have the same sauce twice!

The Basics

Making your wing sauce with home packs


Wingredient Wing Mix Home Size

(for commercial sizes follow the directions on the bag.)

*12oz. of cayenne pepper hot sauce (Red Hot brand recommended)

8oz. of margarine (medium heat)


Mix Wingredient Mix thoroughly into the cayenne pepper sauce.

Melt butter/margarine and Wingredient Mix thoroughly with ingredients above.

Toss cooked wings in mixture and serve.


*For Siracha variety use 8OZ Siracha and 4OZ Red hot.

*For BBQ 10OZ Ketchup and 2OZ Mustard

*For Hot BBQ 8OZ Ketchup and 2OZ Mustard 4OZ Red Hot


For Creamy Sauce add 1/2 Cup of Mayo.

Saucey Choices


There are a lot of hot sauces out there. Every one of them can be used for the hot sauce portion of the main recipe. We have the best luck with Red Hot, Red Devil, and Crytals. The hot sauce you choose will give your sauce a unique flavor.


Check out our Facebook pages and YouTube channel for reviews of other sauces as we try them with the mix.

Oil Options


Butter or margarine? Salted or un-salted? The choice is yours. We've had success using a variety of products. Coconut oil makes a healthy alternative and tastes great! Margarine users, look for the highest oil percentage, we use Fleichmanns. We have used salted and un-salted butter, both work well.

Cooking Decisions


What's the best way to cook the wings? We've fried, baked, grilled, smoked, marinated, and non-marinated. Our favorite way to prepare is grilling the wings and then flash frying them. This method keeps them juicy and the skin crisp. If we don't want to deal with the mess of cooking them, we'll order plain, un-sauced wings, from a local restaurant and sauce them ourselves with Wingredient. You can even use the mix as a dry rub before you grill. Battered or non-battered wings are another choice you'll have, although we tend to prefer unbreaded wings for best results.



You can adjust the heat level of the sauce by changing ingredient amounts or adding extra ingredients.


Want it mild?

Increase the amount of butter, margarine, or coconut oil used to reduce the heat. Customers have also mixed the finished Wingredient sauce with BBQ sauce to tame the heat. We call that Buff-BBQ sauce.


Medium Perfect?

Follow the basic recipe for best heat and flavor combo.


Turn it up!

Your choic of hot sauce is first. Instead of regular Red Hot sauce, get the "XTRA Hot" Red Hot. Use only 2-3 Tbsp of oil in the mix. Consider a heat additive, a few drops of "Dave's Insanity" or a pinch of ghost pepper, habanero, or any other hot pepper will do the trick!






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